3-1 Professional Knife Sharpener


A versatile tool designed to sharpen and maintain the edges of various types of knives. It offers three sharpening stages or slots, each serving a different purpose making this a must have !

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  • Easy to Use: Just run the knife through each slot a few times to reveal a razor-sharp knife.
  • This sharpener has an ergonomic design with a soft grip for better handling.
  • This professional knife sharpener is crafted from solid ABS plastic, it’s strong, durable and designed to last.


  • The first stage is usually a coarse sharpening slot that is suitable for restoring extremely dull or damaged knife blades. It helps to remove nicks, chips, or burrs from the edge of the knife. This stage may use diamond-coated or tungsten carbide rods to aggressively sharpen the blade.
  • The second stage is often a medium sharpening slot that further refines the edge of the knife. It typically features ceramic or synthetic rods that help to restore the sharpness and refine the bevel.
  • The third stage is usually a fine sharpening or honing slot that is used for regular maintenance or touch-ups. It allows you to finely tune the edge and provide a polished finish. This stage may utilize ceramic or stropping rods to gently refine and polish the blade.