4pcs Stainless Steel Canisters With Window


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  • This set of 4 glass jars in stainless steel sleeve with screw on airtight lids are a must have !
  • The airtight lids help keep contents fresh and safe from pests and liquid.
  • Great for cabinet and pantry storage organization.
  • Glass window provide visibility, it is easy to see the things placed in the container without opening it, and you can also check supply levels of contents inside the jar.
  • Stainless steel jar and tops make this product healthy, stylish and durable.
  • It is easy to keep your food fresh and dry with the good airtightness design lid, especially for cereal, coffee bean, oats and nuts.

Size of the cannisters:

  1. 30 x 9 cm
  2. 22 x 9 cm
  3. 18 x 9 cm
  4. 12 x 9 cm