All-In-One Learn To Read & Write – For Grade 3


This comprehensive program is perfect for third graders who want to improve their reading and writing skills allowing third graders to develop the tools they need to become fluent, confident readers and writers.

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The curriculum is designed to cover all aspects of language arts, including phonics, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension. Interactive lessons and games make learning fun and engaging, while progress tracking and assessments ensure that students stay on track for success.

  • The New All-In-One Learn to Read and Write Workbook for Grade 3 has been compiled to the requirements of CAPS and is designed to give learners a head start in learning English Home Language, at home and in class.
  • The activities will strengthen learners’ language knowledge by giving them the opportunity to practise reading, handwriting and writing skills at the correct level.
  • Reading lessons are graded and phonics, spelling and language rules are presented step by step.
  • Eye span, sight word vocabulary and sentence structure to be mastered by learners in Grade 3 have been taken into account.
  • The reading lessons are followed by word and language exercises for the learners to complete.
  • Handwriting strips and writing patterns give the learners the opportunity to practise letter formation skills, print and cursive handwriting skills, correct pencil grip and writing in the correct font type and line spacing. The handwriting strips help to inculcate sounds, spelling and sight words.