All-In-One Spelling Made Fun – For Grade 1


Introduce the joys of spelling to your first-grader with an all-in-one spelling program that’s both engaging and fun! This program includes a variety of games, activities, and exercises to help your child master basic spelling skills. With colorful graphics and interactive features, your child will be motivated to learn and practice new words.

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This book is self-paced, allowing your child to progress at their own speed while building confidence and proficiency. Whether your child is a reluctant learner or an eager student, this all-in-one spelling program is the perfect way to make spelling fun!

  • The New All-In-One Spelling Made Fun Workbook for Grade 1 Home Language will encourage learners to learn to spell and work with sounds!
  • This workbook comprises more than 30 games and 15 worksheets for enrichment with the prescribed sounds as well as sight and spelling words and step by step guidelines for the teacher/parent.
  • This book pays attention to the acquisition of the different sounds, and the reading and writing of these words. The first 110 high-frequency sight words are practiced.