All Purpose Multi Colour Garbage Bags- 90+18 Free


An efficient solution for garbage disposal, offering value for money and convenience, making it perfect for households, offices, and commercial premises.

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A pack of garbage bags designed to serve multiple purposes with different sizes that can accommodate all trash. It comes with 90 bags plus an additional 18 bags free of charge, which makes it an excellent value pack.


  • Crafted using high-quality, durable materials that can handle heavy waste without tearing or puncturing.
  • The bags are thick and sturdy, enabling it to prevent leaks and odors, thereby keeping the surroundings hygienic and clean.
  • The size is medium.
  • It is perforated for easy tearing.
  • Heat sealed for strength.
  • Coreless rolls for easy storage.

Size: 45  x 50 cm