Andowl Alarm Lamp – Q-6666


Solar human body sensor light brightness SMD lamp beads with wireless. It is remote controlled.

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  • Solar sound and light alarm, no wiring ,sustainable use green energy.
  • Solar powered, safe and environmentally friendly
  • Often use in courtyard villas, construction sites, rivers, lakes and reservoirs, orchads, livestock farms and other places
  • Remind everyone to pay attention to safety, avoid property damage and eliminate danger
  • The sound is clear and loud, the transmission distance is long, the penetration is strong, good warning.
  • This product uses high-effeciency solar charging, high-quality lithium battery pool, can be used for long time.
  • Sealed design, anti-vibration, anti-rain, affected by environmental factors little impact.
  • Intelligent induction alarm: Infrared alarm, can pass infrared remote control adjustment, easy to use.
  • Sensing distance: 5-8M
  • 24 Hour Uninterrupted
  • 120 Day Standby


  • Mode 1: Normal Lighting Mode
  • Mode 2: Induction Alarm Mode
  • Mode 3: 24 Hour Alarm Mode