Andowl Professional Hair Clipper – Q-LF269


This hair clipper can trim all types of hair or beards to the desired length according to your needs.

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  • The cordless hair clipper adopts a powerful motor and stainless steel precision blade, works smoothly and quickly, automatically sharpens the knife, does not stick to the hair, heats slowly, wear-resistant, without any irritation to men, children and babies .
  • The narrow design of the steel precision trimmer makes trimming hair, beard easy.
  • The USB data cable can be compatible with any USB charger interface. You can leave the charger while using maximum mobility and convenience
  • More power and less noise. Powerful and sharp, it captures and trims hair evenly, quickly and effortlessly with minimal noise control. Great for travel.
  • All-metal body, the delicate piping pattern on the handle is comfortable and non-slip.
  • The ergonomically designed streamlined soft curved body is easy to hold, the one-touch design of this hair clipper makes individual haircuts easy to operate.
  • Suitable for oily head, sculpting, retro hairstyle, bald head.