Anti Fog Wipes For Lens – 100pcs


An easy-to-use and practical solution to prevent lens fogging and to ensure clear vision in all situations.

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Help prevent fogging on lenses. They are designed to be used with various types of lenses, including glasses, goggles, face shields, and camera lenses.


  • Made with a special formula that leaves an invisible protective layer on the lens surface that prevents the buildup of moisture and condensation.
  • This layer helps maintain clear vision even when moving from a cold environment to a warm one, such as moving from outdoors to indoors during winter.
  • Using anti-fog wipes is easy, as it requires no additional equipment or sprays.
  • Simply open the pack, remove a single wipe, and rub it gently on the lens surface until it is fully covered.
  • The wipe will dry quickly, leaving no residue behind.
  • These wipes are particularly useful for individuals who wear glasses or goggles, as they can help to eliminate the frustration of fogging that can occur during daily activities.
  • They are also valuable for outdoor sports enthusiasts who require clear vision during their activities regardless of the weather condition.


  • Do not use after opening the package.
  • Use with caution if you are allergic to alcohol.
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