French Press Coffee Plunger


All your tea and coffee needs taken care of!

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This coffee plunger is perfect for all your coffee and tea needs.

The coffee plunger has a 350ml capacity.


  • Pre-heat your coffee or tea maker by filling with hot tap water and let it sit for 1 minute .
  • Never pour boiling water into the coffee or tea maker without pre-heating it first.
  • Empty the tap water and add one teaspoon of your favourite tea or coffee.
  • Add almost boiling water into the coffee maker to 1cm below the top of the beaker and stir lightly. The water which comes to a boil does not give the best taste.
  • Fit the lid with the filter group fully raised to the top of the beaker and let it brew for 3-5 minutes.
  • slowly push the centre shaft down so that the filter gently reaches the bottom of the glass beaker.
  • Remember the water is at boiling temperature and care should be taken not to push down too rapidly.

Cleaning :

  • To clean your plunger is simple remove the centre shaft and rinse out the remaining tea or coffee and hand wash in warm soapy water.
  • rinse and allow to dry in a well ventilated place.


Dishwasher safe.

Unsuitable for microwave or oven.



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