Kitchen Knife Set- 6 Piece


Great addition to your kitchen utensils, ensuring that your bread, vegetables, and meat are chopped to perfection.

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Unique box set of knives with high quality material of the handles and blades, that best match your kitchen needs.Quality knife sets can be an investment, but they can make a significant difference in your cooking experience.


  •  Made of stainless steel materials which doesn’t contain any heavy metals and chemical elements. It’s lightweight for optimal durability.
  • Non-slip handle means you can cut or slice and without straining your hands. All knives designed with even weight distribution for control and accuracy.
  • The knife handles are dark brown and the blades are black.


  • Before first use please clean the knives.
  • Please avoid direct contact with the edge of the blade!
  • When using, please pay attention to the knife blades are very sharp! Do not test with fingertips and avoid direct contact against damage.
  • After each use, please clean and store in a safe place, store it away from the reach of children!
  • To maintain the life of your knives, keep dry and clean after each use.

Each pack includes

  • 1 x Chef knife
  • 1 x Cooking knife
  • 1 x Bread knife
  • 1 x Curving knife
  • 1 x Fruit knife
  • 1 x Ceremic peeler


  • Brand: Bobssen
  • Colour: Brown

Nb.Please note that due to lighting colour might slightly differ.