Marlin Kids Water Colour Paint -12’s


A great choice for introducing children to the wonderful world of watercolor painting.

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Marlin Kids 12 Water Colours + Brush In Box


  • The set includes 12 individual colors, offering a wide range of possibilities for little artists.
  • The colors are bright and intense, allowing for the creation of bold and eye-catching paintings.
  • The set includes popular colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and more, ensuring that kids have a diverse palette to work with.
  • Marlin Kids Water Colour Paints are specifically formulated to be safe for children.
  • Kids can freely use and explore these paints without any concerns about harmful chemicals.
  • The watercolor paints in this set are easy to use and blend. Kids can apply these paints to paper with a brush and add water to create beautiful washes and gradients.
  • The paints have a smooth texture and provide good coverage, making it easier for children to create their desired effects.
  • The Marlin Kids Water Colour Paint set is suitable for a variety of art projects.
  • Whether it’s painting landscapes, animals, still life, or any other subject, these paints allow children to express their artistic talent and imagination.
  • The set is ideal for art classes, school projects, or simply for creative play at home.