Marlin Office Essentials Neon Sticky Note Arrows


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  • Marlin Office Essentials Neon Sticky Note Arrows
  • 12 X 42mm, 125 Arrows


  • A practical and eye-catching tool for organizing and marking important information in documents or books.
  • This pack includes a variety of neon-colored sticky note arrows, allowing for easy and quick identification of specific points or sections.
  • The vibrant neon colors are highly noticeable, ensuring that your important notes or reminders stand out.
  • Each sticky note arrow is adhesive on one side, making it easy to attach to any surface without leaving any residue when removed.
  • The arrows themselves are repositionable, allowing you to move them around or adjust their placement as needed. T
  • he Marlin Office Essentials Neon Sticky Note Arrows have a unique arrow shape, making them perfect for highlighting specific lines or sections of text.
  • Whether you need to point out important information in a document, mark passages in a book, or create a visual guide, these sticky note arrows are a practical and versatile option.
  • These sticky note arrows are also ideal for organizing notes or files.
  • You can use them to create a color-coded system, assigning different colors to different categories or topics.
  • This makes it easy to quickly locate and reference specific information later on.