Marlin Office Essentials Staples 23/13 -1000’s


A reliable and cost-effective solution for all your office stapling needs. With their durable construction and excellent performance, you can trust these staples to securely fasten your documents together.

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Marlin Office Essentials Staples , 1000’s, 23/13


  • High-quality staples designed for office use.
  • These staples are specifically made to fit staplers that require the 23/13 size.
  • Each box contains 1000 staples, ensuring you have an ample supply to get through your daily tasks.
  • The staples are made from durable materials to provide reliable and secure fastening.
  • The 23/13 size is ideal for stapling multiple sheets of paper together, making it suitable for various office documents and projects.
  • Whether you need to staple reports, memos, or other important documents, these staples will securely hold them together.
  • The Marlin Office Essentials Staples 23/13 are designed to smoothly and accurately feed through staplers, reducing jams and improving efficiency.
  • Its sharp and precise points penetrate paper easily, ensuring a clean and professional finish.
  • These staples are compatible with a wide range of staplers, including many popular models found in offices.
  • The 23/13 size is a standard size in many staplers, so you can use these staples with confidence.