Prestige 2 Piece Non Stick Egg Ring


These egg rings are your ideal cooking accessory!

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The egg ring is made of non-toxic and tasteless stainless steel, non-rusting, non-deformable, non-stick, it can help you to make a round omelette egg perfectly.


  • Our carbon steel egg ring is made of high-quality BPA-free material, strong and durable.
  • Our nonstick egg rings with a handle are super easy to use. Even during the cooking process, the handle can keep cool, so turning the egg is not a laborious task, using them a breeze.
  • It can help you prepare a round omelette or poached egg perfectly, thus achieving safe and healthy cooking with little fat. Easy to move and easy to store..
  • Thick rims prevent leakage and make it easier to pick up.
  • Has High-Temperature Resistance
  • Non-Rusting
  • Non-Deformable.

Care Instructions:

Just a dish cloth and a little liquid dish soap, you can clean these egg shaper rings easily.

Or put them in the dishwasher is also a good way.


10.7cm each