Rice Facial Skin Care Series 5pc Set


Add this facial skin care set to your carb intake….differently !

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Rice is one of the most ancient sources of skin nutrients and dates back to the first Japanese geishas. This Rice Facial Skin Care Series 5pc Set is a skincare product that is not only super gentle on the skin. It polishes skin to perfection too! Making it ideal for all skin types.

This skincare set has no side effects. However, as with any beauty product, it is advised to test the product on a small patch of skin first.


  • 5pc set.
  • Rice extract skincare .
  • Includes soap, toner, serum, face cream and eye cream.
  • Soothing, full of skin-healthy nutrients.
  • Features antioxidant properties.
  • Improve the appearance or eases conditions such as eczema.
  • Reduces skin ageing and skin irritation.
  • Hydrates and nourishes the skin.
  • Tightens skin and minimizes pores.
  • Brighten skin, reduce scars, and increase overall skin elasticity.
  • Suitable for men and women.

Step 1: Rice Essence Soap 100g

  • This rice soap is enriched with plant extracts and active ingredients. With a mild, non-irritating delicate foam, this soap goes deep into your pores for an effective cleanse. The soft foam wraps around the skin to clean dirt and oil. Resulting in moisturized, smooth and brighter skin.

Step 2: Rice Essense Toner 100ml

  • This toner is enriched with multiple moisturizing factors that will not only moisturize and nourish your skin leaving it radiant, soft and elastic. It evens out skin tone and improves dull skin too!

Step 3: Rice Face Serum 40ml

  • Crafted with Niacinamide, this face serum evens out skin tone, targets hyperpigmentation, and minimizes pores giving you clearer and spotless skin. It is also moisturizing, nourishing and hydrating, creating more elasticity, reducing wrinkles and improving skin fineness.

Step 4: Rice Face Cream 50ml

  • Use this face cream to effectively promote your skin’s collagen generation. It is excellent for skin lightening, repairing damaged skin, restoring hydration and reducing anti-ageing.

Step 5: Rice Eye Cream 25ml

  • With a lightweight and absorbable texture, this product has a highly purified formula productively helps remove dark circles, lightens oedema and fine lines, resists oxidation and brightens your eye contour making your eyes look more radiant.