Sellotape Clear+Dispenser 12mm x 15m Carded


Whether you’re mailing parcels, packaging items for storage, or organizing your belongings, the Sellotape Clear+Dispenser is a reliable and convenient tape solution.

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A convenient packaging tape solution that comes in a carded pack.


  • The tape measures 12mm in width and 15m in length, providing ample tape for various packaging needs.
  • The clear tape is perfect for sealing boxes, envelopes, and packages securely.
  • The Sellotape Clear+Dispenser features a built-in dispenser, making it easy to tear off the desired amount of tape without the need for scissors or additional tools.
  • The dispenser also holds the tape roll securely, keeping it protected and readily accessible.
  • With its strong adhesive, the Sellotape Clear+Dispenser ensures that your packages stay sealed and protected during transit.
  • The clear tape is virtually invisible when applied, giving your packages a professional and neat appearance.