Stainless Steel 20cm Skimmer Ladle


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-This solid strainer is made of premium food grade 18/8 stainless steel that has effective heat insulation when you hold the handle, the stainless steel material will not be deformed even after a long time of use.

– The long handle is not only easy for you to hold, but also protects you from oil splashes and burns when cooking at high temperatures by effectively resisting and insulating heat and distance-keeping.

-The double coil design makes the strainer stronger and hardly deformed, meanwhile the bearing capacity is also enhanced. It is faster than a fine mesh strainer, retains the temperature but doesn’t leave a lot of oil or water, there is no need to endure high temperature while holding the strainer during the process, you can quickly and massively fry and cook, improve efficiency by quick and massive frying and cooking.