Stainless Steel Multi-Functional Separator


This batter pourer is an attractive addition to your kitchen that will last for years to come!

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  • This gourmet chef’s tool is not only beautiful, it’s made from sturdy, long lasting stainless steel, with good rust resistance and durability ensuring that it will last long.
  • The manual control switch on the funnel batter dispenser is well qualified to control the flow of liquid so as to get command of the outflow of batter, confectionery, chocolate, cream, etc.
  • The piston effectively guarantees the tightness of the pancake dispenser. The waffles batter dispenser is featured with a piston and spring. When you are pressing down the handle slightly, the liquid will flow out of the funnel immediately, however, when you are loosening your finger, the batter stops flowing at once.
  • It has a 1 liter capacity but 750ml is the best use volume.
  • The 8mm funnel mouth makes it easy to transfer.
  •  Pancake batter mixer dispenser has a stainless steel holder that can be firmly placed on any platform, so you can accurately dispense your work without messing it up. In addition, the design of the shelf prevents food from being soiled or wasted.
  • Equipped with an easy to control spring-loaded handle that opens and closes the dispenser nozzle, you and your family will always be able to make perfectly portioned and consistent breakfast foods and desserts.


Simply fill the wide opening dispenser with batter & pull the quick release to release the batter from the opening. Just fill it with the dough then press the small lever to open the spout, you can control the big of pancakes or fil pancake maker, crepe maker, silicon baking liners, cupcake maker, cupcake carrier, cake pop maker, donut maker, cake carrier, crepe pan, donut pan, pancake pan, cupcake liners, brownie pan, waffle makers, mini cupcakes silicone decorating kit.