Surge Secure Power Protector 4-Way – 3m


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The 4-Way Surge Secure Power Protector protects up to 4 appliances against electrical surges.

  • Tested to the highest South African standards
  • Quicker reaction time ensures full protection from power surges
  • Surge Secure Plug has a built-in mains tester

What is a surge?
As we live in a country with unstable power supply, care to protect our household appliances and electronic equipment is paramount.

A power surge can occur when power is restored after an interruption in the electricity supply, load shedding, vandalism to substations, cable theft, general power outages and when socket outlets are overloaded as a result of plugging in too many devices to the same socket. Even though the duration of a spike is typically less than a thousandth of a second, never underestimate the extent of damage that could be caused to household appliances and electronic equipment.