Two Port LED Spray Humidifier


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Product Specification:

-This humidifier uses a 3.3L large-capacity water tank design, allowing you to humidify the air all night; the product uses a button-type convenient handbag, which is convenient and labor-saving. In addition to being placed on the table and the ground, it can also be hung on a pole.

-It consists of  a multi-color LED atmosphere light, so that your night is no longer dark,  Turn on the atmosphere light with one button, which is warm and soft without glare. Double spray nozzles to produce mist: Independently controlled double spray nozzles are designed to adjust according to different humidity requirements to enhance the humidification experience.

– Three levels of adjustment: three levels of fog, fog out more quickly. Click the button to spray continuously for 1 level; press the button again to turn on alternate spray; the third button to turn on the gap spray (spray 3 seconds and stop 3 seconds), the spray will automatically stop after 12 hours of work, and need to be restarted.

-It has a  low-noise components and double noise reduction design, working volume resist 35dB, so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Working mode: It can be used directly with the computer USB plug.

Material: ABS

Input voltage: 5V

Input current: 1A

Power: 3.5-4W

Spray flow rate: 100-150ml/H

Continuous spray working time: 12H

Intermittent spray time: timing 16H

Water capacity: 3300ml

USB interface: micro-USB interface

The package includes:


Micro-USB data cable*1

Manual *1




Additional information

Additional information

Dimensions13.7 × 13.7 × 23.9 cm

Pink, White